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  • We offer advanced Wi-Fi solutions with robust routers and extenders to ensure consistent coverage throughout your home. WIFI performance can be affected by a variety of environmental features such as stucco, foliage, glass, pipes, water, brick and more- so the most important thing is our custom network design services and consulting to find the best setup for your unique needs.

  • Mesh Wi-Fi uses multiple access points to create a seamless network, eliminating dead spots and improving connectivity. We recommend these in homes where we are unable to run new wires (last resort). Hardwired access points perform much better than a wireless mesh via faster speeds and higher reliability.

  • Yes, our systems allow you to monitor network activity, set up parental controls, and ensure a secure connection.

  • We can design a customized Wi-Fi solution, including mesh systems or hardwired access points, to provide coverage across all areas of your home.

  • Yes, we offer outdoor Wi-Fi solutions to ensure a strong and secure connection for your backyard and outdoor entertainment areas.

  • Wired is best for high performance; wireless excels in convenience but may not be so reliable or speedy. Wireless waves are highly affected by physical barriers, so it is only guaranteed to work perfectly if it is setup in an empty room.