5 Innovative Visual Experiences For Your Home

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance you belong to the 87% of Americans who own at least one internet-connected TV. An immediate upgrade to the way you’re TV looks and feels at home is to mount it on the wall, and conceal all of the wires connected to it for a modern look. However, a Custom Integrator (CI) can help you step things up and bring technology once only available in the commercial space to make your home truly stand out.

1. Video Walls

Video Call

3x3 Video Wall

Video walls are a way to enlarge a single source using multiple displays, or a traditional way to display multiple sources right next to each other. This application is very attractive to sports fans who want to keep track of multiple games at once. Other customers prefer to have content such as the news playing silently as they watch a movie, keeping track of the camera feeds, or show a loop with family pictures. It’s also an impressive sight in your living room or bedroom.

3x3 Video Wall

2x2 Video Wall

2. IP Video

This is an advanced, high-speed solution to deliver 4K video in a scalable format that fits equally small and large video distribution systems. Audio down-mixing and advanced video processing enable the ability to deliver any video and/or audio source to any room. As a successor or the video wall, IP audio offers the ability to add video tiling, which splits a single display into multiple sources that can be individually through the use of a remote, phone or tablet.

In the residential space, this technology would allow you to have an Apple TV for every person in the house, that can be viewed in any or all rooms of the home. You can add a computer to create a modern home office where your monitor becomes a 90" display, or maybe set a dedicated display what gives you the weather information automatically every morning, shows you a live feed of your local beach or a peek of the city skyline. Additionally, we can create a system where all of your equipment sits in a closet, and all of the wires are completely hidden out of sight.

IP Video

Video Tiling is a successor of the video wall that takes advantage of IP Video

3. Specialty Mounts

There are a few situations where comfort and aesthetics call for a different solution than simply hanging your TV on the wall. For example, a growing trend of TV’s above fireplaces looks great and it’s become a staple in many homes; unfortunately, most families don’t end up using their TV very much over extended periods of time because it’s mounted so high and it becomes straining to do so. An experienced custom integrator will offer a specialty mount which can be pulled down either manually or with a motor when in use, like the one shown below, to eliminate issues anytime a display has to be mounted above normal viewing height.

Specialty Mounts

Mounting a TV above the fireplace with better viewing angle

Another popular trend in the CI space are camouflaged displays. These are interior designers’ favorites, such as the Samsung Frame or our personal favorite the LG “Wallpaper TV”. What really stands out among these is their ability to blend with the décor. The Frame looks like a piece of artwork on a canvas, and you can customize the color of the bezel and the artwork displayed when it’s turned off. The wallpaper TV, on the other hand, is incredibly thin and looks unbelievable from the side. While there are many TV’s with better specs in the market, these two really set themselves apart and bring a “WOW” factor to any room.

Specialty Mounts

LG WX 65 inch Class Wallpaper 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ®

4. Hidden Displays

There are a few scenarios where hidden displays not only look good, but become necessary: Layouts where your bed is facing floor to ceiling windows, oddly-shaped rooms, or thematic décor just to name a few. Wherever a TV or projector screen would be an eyesore, motorization comes through in a clutch. Some customer favorite hiding places are ceilings, floors, beds, interior walls and kitchen counters. Of course, they also look incredible!

Hidden Displays

Hidden Ceiling display using a motorized lift

Hidden Displays

Under the bed display

5. Outdoor Displays

Last on our list is the outdoors: While some people hang regular TVs outside, usually in an attempt to enjoy watching a game with friends or provide quick entertainment, we strongly discourage this practice. Outdoor-rated displays like Sunbrite not only prevent serious safety hazards that can result from electrical issues when water is involved, but also have a much higher operating temperature range and provide a brighter image resistant to glare, humidity and rain. In fact — depending on the model, they can provide an image up to 6X brighter than many indoor TVs!

Outdoor Displays

Outdoor rated TV’s can withstand humidity, rain & provide a brighter glare-resistant image

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this list valuable whether you’re planning to build, move or upgrade your home. When it comes to designing, installing and setting up your A/V projects, working closely with a builder and a Custom Integrator will set you up for the best results. If you’d like to get in touch with us for a free consultation in Delray Beach, Boca Raton and the surrounding area, please give us a call at (561) 305–8141 or visit our website www.htinstall.com.

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