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  • What is home automation, and how can it benefit me?
  • Can I control my smart home from a single app or remote?
  • What are some common automation features people love?
  • Is it complicated to set up and use home automation systems?
  • Can I expand my automation system over time as I add new devices?

Control various home technologies (like lights, thermostats, etc.) from one system, making things easier to manage.

Home automation lets you control various aspects of your home, like lighting, thermostats, music, TV, shades, and many others, for convenience, energy efficiency, and security. The possibilities are endless with customization.

Yes, you can control all your smart devices using a central app or a universal remote, streamlining your home management.

Popular features include scheduling lights, adjusting thermostats, and setting up "scenes" that activate multiple devices with a single click or voice command.

Our team ensures a smooth installation and provides training, so you can enjoy the benefits of automation without any hassle.

Yes, our systems are designed to be scalable. You can easily integrate new smart devices as your needs evolve.


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  • How does a whole home audio system work?
  • Can I customize the type of speakers I want in each room?
  • What kind of maintenance is required for a whole home audio system?
  • Can the system be expanded or upgraded in the future?
  • How does a whole home audio system integrate with other smart home devices?

A whole home audio system allows you to enjoy music throughout your entire home. It involves installing speakers in various rooms, connected to a central system that can be controlled from a single device.

The system typically includes speakers, amplifiers, and a central control unit. Music sources can be streaming services, your personal music library, or even TV audio. The system is designed for seamless integration and control.

Yes, customization is a key feature. You can choose different types of speakers based on room size and purpose – from in-ceiling speakers for discreet installations to high-performance speakers for dedicated listening spaces.

Generally, these systems are low-maintenance. Regular software updates may be needed, and occasionally checking connections and speaker functionality is advisable. We pride ourselves on providing ongoing support.

Yes, most systems are designed with scalability in mind. You can add more speakers, integrate new technologies, or upgrade components as needed.

Integration is a key feature. Your audio system can be synchronized with smart lighting, thermostats, and security systems, creating a seamless and interconnected smart home experience.


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  • How can I improve my home's Wi-Fi performance?
  • What is mesh Wi-Fi, and how does it work?
  • Can I monitor and control my home network for security and performance?
  • What should I do if I have a large home with multiple floors?
  • Can I extend my Wi-Fi network to my outdoor spaces?
  • What’s the difference between a wired and a wireless system?

Establish a strong and reliable network to connect all your smart devices within your home.

We offer advanced Wi-Fi solutions with robust routers and extenders to ensure consistent coverage throughout your home. WIFI performance can be affected by a variety of environmental features such as stucco, foliage, glass, pipes, water, brick and more- so the most important thing is our custom network design services and consulting to find the best setup for your unique needs.

Mesh Wi-Fi uses multiple access points to create a seamless network, eliminating dead spots and improving connectivity. We recommend these in homes where we are unable to run new wires (last resort). Hardwired access points perform much better than a wireless mesh via faster speeds and higher reliability.

Yes, our systems allow you to monitor network activity, set up parental controls, and ensure a secure connection.

We can design a customized Wi-Fi solution, including mesh systems or hardwired access points, to provide coverage across all areas of your home.

Yes, we offer outdoor Wi-Fi solutions to ensure a strong and secure connection for your backyard and outdoor entertainment areas.

Wired is best for high performance; wireless excels in convenience but may not be so reliable or speedy. Wireless waves are highly affected by physical barriers, so it is only guaranteed to work perfectly if it is setup in an empty room.


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  • What can a home cinema system offer over a traditional setup?
  • Can I stream content from various sources on my home cinema system?
  • What types of audio systems do you offer for the ultimate cinematic experience?
  • Can I control the lighting and ambiance in my home cinema room?
  • Is it possible to upgrade my existing entertainment room into a smart home cinema?
  • What is my option if I don’t want a dedicated home theater?

Set up a personalized movie theater experience in your home, complete with a big screen and surround sound.

Home cinema provides immersive audio, high-quality video, and centralized control for an unparalleled viewing experience.
Yes, you can stream movies, shows, and music from popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

We offer a range of audio solutions from a variety of reputable manufacturers, including surround sound and Dolby Atmos setups, to suit your preferences.

Absolutely, we integrate smart lighting and shading to create the perfect cinematic atmosphere.

Yes, we can upgrade your current setup with smart features and equipment for a cinematic transformation.

We can provide less complex surround sound system in your living room!


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  • Why is professional wiring important for a smart home?
  • What types of wiring services do you offer?
  • Can you help with retrofitting wiring in an existing home?
  • Will the wiring be hidden or visible in my home?
  • How does professional wiring future-proof my home for new technologies?
  • How does professional wiring future-proof my home for new technologies?

Properly run, connect, and organize the cables needed for all your smart devices to work together effectively.

Professional wiring ensures a reliable and robust backbone for your smart devices and systems and looks highly organized for easy future access.

We provide structured wiring for data, audio, video, and electrical to support all your smart home needs. This provides the infrastructure for any home automation system.

Yes, we specialize in retrofitting and upgrading wiring to accommodate new technologies in older homes. Most of the time we can accomplish this without a need for drywall repair.

We prioritize clean and concealed installations to maintain the aesthetics of your space. We achieve this by running wire inside of your wall and housing all wiring on a central rack or equipment closet.

A well-structured wiring system makes it easier to adapt to evolving technology trends without major renovations. This is especially true with cutting edge fiber optic technology, which we often recommend to our customers.

A well-structured wiring system makes it easier to adapt to evolving technology trends without major renovations. This is especially true with cutting edge fiber optic technology, which we often recommend to our customers.


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  • What outdoor entertainment options do you provide for my backyard?
  • Can I control outdoor entertainment systems remotely?
  • Is outdoor entertainment equipment weatherproof and durable?
  • Can you help design and install outdoor lighting for my outdoor entertainment area?
  • Can I integrate my outdoor entertainment with my indoor systems?
  • Do I need to buy an outdoor TV or can I put an indoor one outside?

As Floridians, we spend a lot of time outside. HT-Install can extend your home theater to complement your outdoor lifestyle with outdoor televisions, audio systems and automated lighting.

We offer outdoor speakers, weather-resistant TVs, and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions for the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience.
Yes, you can control outdoor audio and video systems from your smartphone or tablet, creating a seamless outdoor experience.

Our equipment is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longevity and performance.

Absolutely, we offer outdoor lighting solutions to enhance safety and aesthetics in your outdoor space.

Yes, we can seamlessly integrate your outdoor entertainment with your home automation and audiovisual

Opening an indoor TV owner's manual reveals a clear prohibition against outdoor use. Installing an indoor TV outside poses significant risks, including voiding the warranty, electrocution hazards, potential electrical short circuits, and even fire hazards.


  • About the Service
  • Can you help with mounting TVs?
  • Do you integrate TVs with smart home systems?
  • Do you offer assistance with network connectivity for TVs?
  • Can you upgrade existing TV setups for better performance?
  • Are your TV services customizable to suit individual preferences?
  • Can you assist with multiple TV setups in different rooms?

Professionally install your TV on the wall for a clean and space-saving setup.

Absolutely! We specialize in TV mounting services, ensuring safe and secure installation while optimizing the viewing angles for your comfort. When we mount, we also will connect it to your WIFI network and can configure streaming platforms and ensure they are synchronized with your TV, providing access to a wide array of content tailored to your preferences.

Yes, we excel in integrating TVs with smart home ecosystems. Our services enable seamless connectivity, allowing you to control your TV through voice commands or centralized automation systems.

Yes, we optimize network connections for your TVs, ensuring stable and high-speed internet access for streaming, gaming, and other online content.

Certainly! We offer upgrades for TV setups, including enhancing picture quality, improving sound systems, and integrating the latest technologies for an enhanced viewing experience. Our experts provide consultations to understand your needs, evaluate the space, and recommend tailored TV solutions aligned with your home automation needs.

Absolutely! Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether it's customizing settings, optimizing audiovisual configurations, or integrating specialized features, we ensure a personalized experience.

Yes, we specialize in multi-room TV setups, synchronizing entertainment systems across various rooms within your home for consistent and immersive experiences.


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  • What is voice control integration and how does it benefit my home?
  • Which voice control platforms do you support and prioritize for security?
  • What smart devices are compatible with voice control integration?
  • Can voice control be combined with other automation systems?
  • What ongoing support do you provide for voice control integration?

Use your voice to operate and control various devices in your home for added convenience.

Voice control integration enables hands-free operation of smart devices using platforms like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or secure options like Josh AI. It enhances convenience by allowing you to control lights, thermostats, security systems, and more through simple voice commands. You can create personalized commands for specific devices or routines, enhancing the usability of your smart home.

We support popular voice control platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Additionally, we prioritize secure options like Josh AI, ensuring a higher level of privacy and security for your smart home.

Our services cover a wide range of compatible smart devices, including but not limited to smart lights, thermostats, locks, cameras, speakers, and more. We ensure compatibility with leading brands to maximize the functionality of your smart home.

Absolutely! Voice control integration can complement and enhance other automation systems you may have in place. Our services aim to create a cohesive smart home ecosystem where different technologies work together seamlessly.

We offer comprehensive ongoing support, including troubleshooting, updates, and assistance with further customization. Our aim is to ensure your voice control integration continues to function seamlessly, enhancing your smart home experience.


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  • How do smart window treatments work, and what are the benefits?
  • Can I schedule my window treatments to open and close automatically?
  • Do smart blinds or shades integrate with my home automation system?
  • Are there options for controlling window treatments manually too?
  • How do these treatments save on energy costs?

Control how much light enters your home with window coverings that can be adjusted manually, through batteries, or automated motors.

Smart window treatments are motorized and can be controlled remotely, offering convenience, energy efficiency, and privacy. These can be low voltge. High voltage, or battery operated.

Yes, you can create schedules to adjust your window treatments based on the time of day, with sunrise or sunset, or a plethora of other preferences.

Absolutely, our smart window treatments can seamlessly integrate with your existing home automation setup.

Yes, you can control them via a mobile app, remote control, or by voice commands, offering flexibility.

Smart window treatments can be programmed to optimize natural light and temperature, reducing the need for heating and cooling.

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