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Ever wondered what it’d be like to have music play throughout your home? With the touch of a single button, you can be listening to your favorite playlist for the big party, family gatherings, or just for background music to help the day move along. It’s easier and more affordable than you think—and it all starts with HT-Install.

We offer a variety of whole home audio design and installation services, including:

  • Whole Home Stereo Systems
  • Single-Zone and Multi-Zone Speaker Systems
  • Ceiling and In-Ceiling Speaker Systems
  • Wireless and Bluetooth Surround Sound
  • Home Theater Installation

Whole Home Speaker Systems

Single Zone or Multi-Zone Stereo?

The first step in designing a whole house music system is to decide if you want to listen to multiple sources in different areas at the same time, or a system that allows you to choose sources but all areas listen to a common source.

A Multi-Zone system is the perfect whole home audio system for families who want to listen to different music in different areas of the home. For example, a Multi-Zone system would allow dad to listen to satellite radio in his office while his kids listen to their favorite music in their bedrooms at the same time. A Multi-Zone system from HT-Install can accomplish just that.

On the other hand, if the same source playing throughout your home fits your family’s needs, a lower cost Single-Zone system is a better fit for you. Regardless of what system is right for your needs right now, the technicians at HT-Install will wire the system for either option, so upgrading down the road is easy.

No matter which system fits your needs, all of the equipment can be installed out of sight in a storage closet or mechanical room to eliminate “electronic clutter” around the house.

If dad wants to listen to satellite radio in his office, a multi-zone system would allow for

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Enjoy music anywhere in your home.

Easy Accessibility and User Interface

Whether you listen to CDs, iPods/iTunes, XM, Sirius, Pandora, or even the radio, HT-Install can integrate all music platforms for easy navigation and control of your music library.

Another benefit of our Single-Zone and Multi-Zone audio systems is the advanced user interface for easy accessibility.

At HT-Install, we understand that most whole home audio systems can be cumbersome and difficult to operate. That’s why it’s our goal to make all of our whole home audio systems so user-friendly that is requires very little instruction for you, your family, or even your guests.

Wireless Surround Sound

HT-Install’s custom audio design and installation services are designed with you and your family’s needs in mind. We offer a wide variety of home audio systems, including ceiling speakers, stereo systems, digital surround sound, and more.

Home Theater Installation Services

If you’re looking to upgrade you home theater or media room, HT-Install offers affordable home theater systems that fit your budget.

When you choose us for whole home audio design and installation services, we go above and beyond to ensure that all of your home theater needs are met. We offer in-home stereo system solutions in addition to our wireless audio design for a five-star listening experience.

From installing your surround sound receiver, speaker wires, and music systems, the HT-Install team is here to make custom home theater design and installation easy.

Whole Home Audio from HT-Install

Discover what whole home audio design can do for you today when you contact the professionals at HT-Install. No matter your whole home audio system or home theater needs, we’re ready to take your home to the next level.

Your wireless Bluetooth stereo system or home theater surround sound is just a phone call away! To learn more about what our services have to offer, contact HT-Install today at (561) 305-8141 for more information.

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