Common Surveillance And Automation Mistakes People Make

By HT -Install |


There are a number of surveillance and automation products in the market today, which can make your life easier like security cameras, wireless network systems, home automation products, etc. However, irrespective of what product you purchase, if the installation is faulty, the product will not function at its optimum level.

Apart from incorrect installations, if a product is not used the way it is meant to be it could damage your home, put you and your family’s health at risk and cause a dent in your wallet.

1. Buying products that are not in tune with their needs.

The most common mistake people make is buying cheap products, which don’t serve their needs. For example, they want security cameras without knowing whether their house is wired or not. Alternatively, they purchase a box set of cameras with wire, but they don’t know how to wire or set them up.

Often people buy a product without knowing what they want from the product. They don’t even know whether the end result will be in sync with their expectations. Sometimes they purchase wireless cameras, install them, leave town and later wonder why the cameras are not working. This happens because people turn off their Wi-Fi thinking they would be away, not realizing that the cameras work only on Wi-Fi.

At times, they don’t realize that the only way they can playback the camera footage is to subscribe to the company, which made the cameras. To deal with such problems, we supply our customers with DVRs (digital video recorders), which give them playback and live footage on their computers and phone with no additional charges.

2. Not knowing how to install a TV with a bracket.

Almost all consumers have LEDs today, and it’s in trend to hang TVs and brackets on a wall, which saves space and looks neat. However, a lot of customers don’t know how to install a TV with a bracket on a wall. Many times a LED TV falls off of a wall because it wasn’t rightly installed. There are also cases of customers not knowing how to bring electric back-up to where the TV is.

3. Incorrectly installing ceiling and wall speakers.

While love for music and high-quality sound is common, what is uncommon is people knowing how to install ceiling and wall speakers correctly. People purchase speakers and think – Oh, I’ll just cut a hole here. The problem is one hole might be in the way of a beam, and now their speakers are not centered correctly. We check this out first and install speakers where they need to be placed for sound, around the beam locations.

4. Thinking that all wireless devices work well just by having a fast internet connection.

Wireless starts degrading as soon as you begin crossing walls. By the time it reaches your TV, it’s not fast enough to stream high-definition, as a result, your devices start buffering. The solution is to either add a hardwire connection or to extend your Wi-Fi properly by adding access points (never use plugin boosters or extenders). Many customers think that all wireless devices will work superbly by merely having a fast internet connection, which is a mistake.

5. Being careless about the power cord.

Another common mistake is to drop the power cord inside the wall along with the video and low voltage cables. We will always advise you against this practice because it can create a fire hazard.